We are using classical physics for non classical cases.

What we do

We are doing topographic measurements where most people do not reach. Minute disturbances up to 5 micrometer is the range we can achieve for surface measurements on a wide range of materials. Our SW algorithms are analyzing image data no matter if micro or macro or camera pictures or thermographic images and can as well provide added value to existing data.

Optical Measurement Techniques
for non standard applications as:

  • miniaturized devices for minimal invasive measurement (e.g. early defect detection in very small technical cavities)
  • highly precise measurement on big or remote objects
  • geometrical measurements of hidden structures
  • geometry measurements in harsh environment (e.g. for in flight aircraft applications)
  • in field or mobile measurement systems
  • measurements for predictive maintenance
  • consulting for customized measurements


Calculating the mirror from the reflection

Surface Analysis with Pattern Projection


Where to find us

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