Our Solutions

We offer a high variety of possible solutions.

Three solutions. Fully customizable.


Adequate for difficult access
Quick result (one shot)
Fine resolution (5µm)

Miniaturized devices for 3D surface geometry mapping, specialized for geometrical measurements of hidden structures.


Extreme fine resolution (sub micron)
High speed measurement (25/s or more)
Quantitative surface diagnostic

Dark field surface diagnostic for glossy surfaces (transparent or opaque).


Not limited to object periphery
Quick result (one shot)
Fine resolution (50 µm at 3m; 5µm at 0,3m)

Highly precise digital profile measurement on big or remote objects. Applicable devices in harsh environment (e.g. for in flight aircraft applications). in field or mobile stand alone measurement systems.

Soon, a customization tool will provide you
with detailed information concerning our solutions.

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