Company Story

5micron GmbH is a Start-Up located in the innovation & technology hub in Berlin-Adlershof since January 2015. Stakeholder and Managing Directors are Dipl. Ing. Ute Franke and Dr. Jean Blondeau. The company was founded with the business idea ‚Development of measurement systems for highest precise topographic analyses of surfaces and surface close layers’. The company started with 2 contracted projects from Airbus and Rolls-Royce. 5micron‘s portfolio is based upon photonics technology for high-precision measurement systems. The successfully completed technology development projects for the aerospace industry are based on optic methods, using light for measurement tasks. Current projects are the monitoring and measurement of wing surfaces of aircrafts during flight. The measurement system detects defects or variations in the surface up to 20µm. For further projects the measurement systems have been miniaturized to fit in an endoscope for engine maintenance purposes (customer Rolls Royce). In this context specialized illumination devices as a light communicating license plate for drones have been developed. This drone tagging is operating with modulated flashes transmitting covert data or any other information. It can be adjusted to replace external lights of an aircraft position, as the light power [candela] meets aerospace requirements.

Our Team

Picture ofDipl.-Ing. Ute Franke, the Founder & Enabler of 5micron Dipl.-Ing. Ute Franke Founder & Enabler Ute Franke has more than 15 years experience in the field of aviation had its start at the Brandenburg airship developer Cargo Lifter AG in Brand. In 2002 she changed to the aerospace supplier FTI Engineering Network GmbH in Berlin and Brandenburg. First she was in charge of the project office and later she acquired new customers as Rolls-Royce Deutschland or Embraer as the key account manager. In 2009 she took over the business unit ‚New Technology‘ and realized several national and international research and development projects in the aerospace sector. In 2015 she has founded the company 5micron GmbH together with Dr. Jean Blondeau.
Picture ofDr. Jean Blondeau, the Founder & Inventor of 5micron Dr. Jean Blondeau Founder & Inventor Jean Blondeau has received his PhD in biological Cybernetic in Tübingen, Germany. He has been working free-lance for 10 years in management for industrial processes and measurement in Würzburg. He has joined the management board of Metronom GmbH until 2001 as the technical director. His measurement methods have been successfully applied in railway, automotive and aerospace industries. Almost for one decade he then has joined the aerospace supplier FTI Engineering Network GmbH, first in Bremen for the customer Airbus and later on in Brandenburg. In 2015 he has founded the company 5micron GmbH together with Ute Franke.
Picture ofSebastian, the System Engineer of 5micron Sebastian System Engineer
Picture ofMartin, the Software Developer of 5micron Martin Software Developer
Picture ofMatthias, the Project Integrator of 5micron Matthias Project Integrator
Picture ofMartin, the Physicist of 5micron Martin Physicist


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